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Comprehensive Home Inspection You Can Trust! I provide comprehensive Report, not a checklist and personal services you expect by a certified Plymouth Michigan Home Inspector.

My philosophy is simple! I strive to provide value through a professional presentation, education, competent evaluation, and same day reporting. Innovative Home Inspection is a Michigan Licensed Builder and Certified Professional Home Inspection company located in Canton Michigan serving Canton, Plymouth, Northville MI, Novi, Livonia MI, Westland MI, Ypsilanti MI and throughout SE Michigan with professional Home Inspection services.

I provide Buyers and Sellers, Condo, and New Construction Inspection Services including AsbestosMoldand VA Termite inspections. I invite you to follow me throughout the inspection. You will learn about the component and systems of the house as I thoroughly inspect the home. Comprehensive home inspections typically takes 2-3 hours or longer depending on the size and condition of the home. Your home inspector will provide you with an on-site overview giving immediate knowledge of the property to make a sound real estate home buying decision. Your personalized electronic inspection report with enhanced color digital photos and narratives that are detailed, yet easy to read will be available on a secured web host same day.


NACHI Certified Inspector
AHIT Certified Inspector
IAC2 Radon Certified
IAC2 Mold Certified

Certified Profession Home Inspector Plymonth Canton Novi Home Inspections
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What My Clients Are Saying
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"I hired John for a new home inspection and was amazed at how thorough and detailed John's work is. He does what he promises, and he does it very well. His engineering background is very evident in the way he performs his tasks. I would highly recommend John.”
   -Abdalla A.
       Northville, Michigan


"Jim and I were extremely happy with the inspection you did on our new Plymouth home. It always makes you a little nervous to use someone that is not referred to you, but you far exceeded any expectations we had and we certainly make the right choice. The amount of time and patience you had in explaining everything to us will go a long way in maintaining our home. The report was so detailed and easy to read it will be a good reference for a long time to come. We look forward to referring you to any of our friends! Thanks again!
   -Anette Jim Masserant
       Plymouth, Michigan


We really appreciate the time you took to review and inspect the condominium that we are planning to purchase.  You were very thorough and the items you identified and explained were very helpful and beneficial.  The report you provided with photos was timely and very easy to understand.  We will definitely keep you in mind for any additional services and will recommend you to anyone we know that plans to purchase a home/condo.  We wish we would have known about you before we moved into our current home.  Great job!
  -Terry and Lori Ryba
       Ypsilanti, Michigan


"Thank you very much for doing our home inspection today.  I am very impressed with the thorough report which details everything we need to fix.  In the future, we will definitely recommend you to others who may be in need of a new home inspection."
  - Sean Logan, Northville


"John came and inspected my house on a Sunday under short notice, when all the other inspectors I called weren't available. He performed an incredibly thorough inspection, reviewing the garage inside and out, taking an in depth tour of the exterior of the house, the interior, heating/cooling/electrical systems, and even walked the roof! He took the time to explain why certain flaws were important, and gave cost/corrective action recommendations. Because the house is old, he was able to show which upgrades were necessary and which weren't. He took extensive photos and provided a 50 page report detailing his findings. I now feel confident purchasing this home thanks to his work. Thanks again John!"
  - Sean De Gennaro
       Westland, Michigan

         Home Inspection Service        

This is a comprehensive inspection where all major components, systems and structures of the home are inspected and tested by a Certified Professional Plymouth MI Home Inspector. This includes the Grounds, Exterior Structure, Roof, Attic, Interior Rooms and test the Plumbing Fixtures, Hot Water Heater, Heating and Cooling systems, Electrical components.

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Defect Water Heater Burner, Plymouth Michigan
    Hot Water Heater Inspection, Combustion Defect, Plymouth Michigan

                   Mold Services                   

We provide Mold Inspections, Mold Assessments, and Mold Testing. Indoor air quality is important to your health and comfort.  A Certified Indoor Air Consultant will assess and test your home for apparent mold symptoms, such as Attic Mold, Basement Mold, or Black  mold. All services include a written report.

(Home Mold Dangers) (Does your home have these Mold symptoms)
Canton Michigan Basement Mold Inspection. 
   Basement Mold Testing, Surface Swab Sample, Plymouth Michigan

                  Radon Testing                

(Check Plymouth MI Neighborhood Radon Level)

Call to schedule your Michigan radon test today. EPA has estimated there are 20,000 radon-related lung cancers a year. It is for this simple reason that  EPA recommends homes be fixed if the radon level is 4 pCi/L (pico Curies per Liter) or more. We use Continuous Radon Monitoring measuring test equipment,  Accurate and Efficient!  This is truly a State-of-the-Art system for providing radon testing for your real estate purchase!
    Canton Michigan Radon Testing
   Continuous Radon Monitoring Sampling Test Equipment, SE Michigan


               Asbestos Testing               

Asbestos is a mineral fiber. It can be positively identified only with a special type of microscope. There are several types of asbestos fibers. In the past, asbestos was added to a variety of home products to strengthen them and to provide heat insulation and fire resistance. If you suspect asbestos may be in your home call today for testing.
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Asbestos material in Plymouth Michigan

                                  Example Of Asbestos Tiles | Michigan

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